Thursday, 11 August 2016

Namibia 2016. Etosha.

Thursday 11th August, 2016.
Etosha; Halali -Etosha Pan - Halali.

As the sun rose we strolled to the waterhole at Halali from our rather grand bungalow. Unlike the night there were few people and fewer animals but it was quite good for birds.
After breakfast on the terrace by the pool we headed out to explore the local area and spent the morning on a maze of dirt tracks that circled around waterholes on the edge of the vast Etosha Pan.
Early afternoon with the heat rising we returned to Halali Camp and had a lazy afternoon by the pool before finishing the day at the waterhole and returning there after dinner to watch the dramas unfolding in the spotlights.
Five Lions were at the waterhole after dark and had frequent encounters with nervy Black Rhinos. Amazing to watch.

Halali waterhole

Golden Breasted Buntings

Swainsons Spurfowl

Violet Eared Waxbill

Grey Backed Camaroptera


Kori Bustard

Purple Roller

Blue Wildebeest

Secretarybird - simply fantastic views hunting by the side of the dirt road ; the only one we saw all holiday.

Desert Cisticola


Etosha Pan

Etosha Pan


Lilac-breasted Roller

one of the many waterholes

a dolomite outcrop just outside Halali Camp

Barn Owl - roosting in a large tree in front of the reception buildings at Halali

Southern Red-billed Hornbill

Double-banded Sandgrouse

Honey Badger - bold as brass walking around in the late afternoon and later raiding bins on the campsite.

Black Rhino

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