Saturday, 6 August 2016

Namibia 2016. Along the Skeleton Coast.

Saturday 6th August, 2016.
Swakopmund - Cape Cross - Ugab River Gate - Torra Bay - Terrace Bay.

We left Swakupmund at 08.00 and drove 350 km along the Skeleton Coast to Terrace Bay arriving just before sunset.  Driving through stunning desert landscapes and never far from the sea we stopped frequently to look at wrecks, settlements, a huge fur seal colony and other wildlife along the route.

At Terrace Bay our accomodation was very basic but adequate and the little portakabin restaurant a delight; lovely friendly staff and a real effort made to serve a 5 course meal at such a remote location. It was busy too; around 40 diners and the atmosphere fun and adventurous.  We had a decent bottle of red wine and toasted another great day and no punctures!

en route to Henties Bay

Wlotzkasbaken - apparently mostly holiday homes

Mowe Bay

The wreck of the Suiderkus in Mowe Bay. It ran aground on it's maiden voyage in 1976, one of the rarer modern day wrecks.

driving north towards Cape Cross

Fur Seals

Fawn-Coloured  Lark

Rock Kestrel

driving north out of Cape Cross

Skeleton Coast National Park ; Ugab River 

Only 168km to Terrace Bay on the dirt left to do today................

The wreck of the South West Sea

The wreck of the South West Sea

Hilux picnic time.

still a fair way to go.............

it's as dry & dusty as you could possible get yet just ahead..............

Uniab River Pools ........ amazing to suddenly round a bend and find deep pools of water.

Southern Oryx taking advantage of the lush vegetation in the vicinity of the Uniab River Pools

Egyptian Geese

Red-knobbed Coot

Cape Teal

Terrace Bay

Terrace Bay sunset

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